MA/MFA Computational Arts Degree Show

The 2023 Goldsmiths MA/MFA Computational Arts program invites you to Simbiosys, a degree-show exhibition considering the relationship between contemporary art, technology, and new media. Artists in the exhibition explore existing and potential modes of being and relationships between humans and technologies; Simbiosys is a neologism describing a new relationship which sees language dissolve into code, and logic transform to algorithm—a sort of technopomorphic phenomena which brings to the fore that which is created from the recursivity of human-technological interaction and collaboration.

With more than 80 groundbreaking installations, immersive performances, virtual and augmented realities and world-building exercises, Simbiosys’ interdisciplinary nature acts as both a survey of contemporaneity and as an incubator for novel forms, methodologies, and concepts.

Between the real, imaginary, and the symbolic. That which wanders through the very labyrinth it calls into being from an ever-shifting precipice of void; incessantly dispersing and collapsing, generating new models, modes, and ways of being in its recursivity which considers human-computer simbiosys through human-computer simbiosys.